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Aeronix Carbon Neutral Vacuum Bagging Film Low Temperature


Used in a wide variety of composite manufacturing processes, vacuum bagging films’ key function is to create a vacuum seal around the workpiece, utilising atmospheric or autoclave pressures to consolidate the laminate.

Best for:
  • Vacuum infusion processes
  • Resistant to traction
  • Low humidity flexibility
  • Thickness: 75 Microns
  • Material Type: Co-extrusion of polyethylene and nylon
  • Max Working Temp: 120˚C
  • Tensile Strength: 36N/mm²
  • Elongation at Break: 380%
  • Widths: 500mm up to 8000mm


Part No Size
VCNVBGB12 1200mm x 75m
VCNVBGB16 1600mm x 70m
VCNVBGB24 2400mm x 40m
VCNVBGB3 3000mm x 200m
VCNVBGB4 4000mm x 200m
VCNVBGB6 6000mm x 125m
VCNVBGB8 8000mm x 80m

Company Information

Aeronix Technologies Ltd is a UK based company specialising in providing high quality products and services to the composites manufacturing industry. As well as focusing on the manufacture and supply of a wide range of products, Aeronix Technologies also provide a comprehensive range of support services, such as training, Process Optimisation & Creation and Tooling System Advice.

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