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Aeronix Technologies – a manufacturer’s problem-solving expert!

We had a fantastic response from the composites industry following our launch last year. But for those who don’t know us or are unaware of how we can benefit your productivity, we are Aeronix Technologies. Technical partners for the composites industry; whose product range includes processing materials and equipment, all available for next day delivery. 

Additional services include process optimization and full in-house training assistance. Whatever your manufacturing challenges are, we are here to help; contact us today at 023 8025 9949 to see what we can do for you.

Company Information

Aeronix Technologies Ltd is a UK based company specialising in providing high quality products and services to the composites manufacturing industry. As well as focusing on the manufacture and supply of a wide range of products, Aeronix Technologies also provide a comprehensive range of support services, such as training, Process Optimisation & Creation and Tooling System Advice.

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